Everything but the Chip

Singulation of  I/III-materials, glass and ceramic with all special applications are our speciality. We also provide tools for the following processes like picking up, bonding and encapsulation. Our product range include dicing saws, wafer mounter, UV-curing machines, expanding machines, dicing wheels, dicing blades, dicing tape, expanding rings/grip rings, waferframes, flanges and other tools and materials for succesful dicing.

We are looking forward to your request , either for information only or quotation for our products. We will make sure that we answer immediately with shipment from our stock or information by e-mail or telephone.

Slicing of Ingot ..

Microelectronical, micromechanical and microoptical materials are grown as single or poly crystal, sintered or pressed. These ingots, bars or bricks need to be sliced .


From machines like wafer dicing saw and peripheral systems like mounter, chiller, filters, UV-curing up to consumables like blades, tape, water additives, rings and frames MINITRON offers the whole r (..)


For pick-and-place/die-bonding we supply pick up tools. For bonding with wire we provide ceramic capillaries.