ADT 8020 is a Dicing Saw which has two facing spindles.

ADT 8020 – Dicing System

The ADT 8020 Dicing Saw has two facing spindles that can simulta-neously dice wafers at high through-put. ADT 8020 is a high accuracy system that can dice workpieces of up to 8-inch in diameter, at high performances and low cost of operation.

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Water Flanges

High-Cooling flanges – with centrifugal forces the process water is pressed into the dicing kerf. Impressive results for thick substrates, most effective blade cooling reduces wear.

Ultrafiltration mtt4018 Process water purification system for stop waisting precious waterresources. Circulation allows the use of water additives for longer balde life less chipping cleaner machines.

Ultrafiltration System mtt4015/4018

Finally the ultimate closed circle solution to provide cooled purified process water for dicing saws and save precious water resources. 20nm membrane, ultra clean, ultra fast amortisation. Fully automatic self support, self programable total water exchange.