How everything started

In 1977 the company Minitron Elektronik GmbH has been founded by Dipl.-Ing. Paul Amberg.

Up to the early 70s American semiconductor companies and their suppliers were trend-setting. Alloys Unlimited Inc. was a conglomerate out of several companies covering the whole range of product requirements of microelectronic industry. Special companies producing leadframes, molding products and packages grew independent and convinced European sales managers to expand their sales to central Europe.

This was the birth of Minitron.

Our complete programme of materials and semi-finished products for assembly of semiconductor elements (back-end) was completed already in early stage by diamond tools for dicing and processing of wafers and hard and brittle materials.

EVERYTHING BUT THE CHIP has been our vision of sales for many years. Although we are more focused on dicing nowadays, packages capillaries and Pick-up-Tools are still part of our line card.

With EVERYTHING BUT THE CHIP we are your competent partner for ONE SOURCE DELIVERY.
…and today


We are specialized in sales and service for machines, tools and materials around the DICING PROCESS. This enables us to supply our customers with tools and consulting when they start working with dicing processes or optimize their process operation.

Therefore we are not only a sales office but also a company that provides technical consulting and facilitation for its customers.

In our application lab we are able to find the best solution for your process.

We are an internationally working company.